Thursday, February 19, 2009

The first list

Focus on the Family was kind enough to give me a list of businesses that support their agenda over the winter season.

It can be assumed that these businesses also support their cause for the other 3 seasons, but they promised me that they'd get back to me possibly by tomorrow to show me what retail stores they approve of in the rest of the year

Citing their sources at

Best Buy-Overpriced electronics
Cabela's-Hunting/fishing/camping supplies
Kohl's- poorly made clothing and furniture
Lowe's- home improvement
Macy's- clothing you're grandmother bought you
Nordstrom- overpriced knockoff couture
Pier 1 Imports- pre-packaged psuedo-exotic furniture.
Toys "R" Us- cheap plastic toys from China filled with GHB.
Wal-Mart- Honestly, has anything in this store not been made by sweatshop children? We shouldn't have bought stuff from them anyways!

These are the first of many stores to be listed in the boycott.

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